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Natalia Ilinichna Sats is the organizer of the first children’s theater in the world opened in 1918 in Moscow, she is a favorite with children. She immediately decided to found children’s theater in Kazakhstan being in Alma-Ata in 1943 by some quirk of fate.

The building in the center of Almaty in which one of the studio stages of Central Combined Film Studio was located, this Central Combined Film Studio was composed of studios “Mosfilm” and “Lenfilm” evacuated during the war, was provided for new Youth Theater by the decision of the Government of the Kazakh SSR. Prior to that, it was the first “high-altitude” motion-picture theater in single-store Almaty. Episodes of “Ivan the Terrible,” “Masha,” “District Committee Secretary,” “They Fought for Their Country” were produced here. The shooting was in foyer and in front of noise, and the rest of the building was occupied by residence housing of the actors and the directors. The building was called “Art Center.”

Film director Sergey Eisenstein, poet Vladimir Lugovskoy, many artists and writers who were evacuated during the war to Alma-Ata lived here.

Decision on building restoration was taken concurrently with the government decision. On weekends, the city youth came to Youth Theater to perform voluntary Sunday work. Future artists built the theater together with builders and Komsomol members. They rehearsed the first performance “Little Red Riding Hood” in incomplete constructions in the evenings arguing with foam at the mouth about the ways of development of the new theater, and in the morning, they performed the construction work.

Outstanding “god-parents” were at the birthplace of the theater - Sergey Eisenstein and Nikolay Cherkasov. Many other great masters of cinema and theater assisted them, they performed concerts together with young artists of Youth Theater in order to draw the audience’s attention to unknown young names.

...Children of Alma-Ata crossed the threshold of their theater for the first time in festive morning time on November 7, 1945. Stage play “Little Red Riding Hood” by Yevgen Schwartz was performed by Natalya Sats in the afternoon. In the evening - “The Siege of Leiden” (“Till Eulenspiegel”) by Isidore Shtock, theatrical production by Victor Sergeyevich Rozov.

Kazakh theater staff started its work performing “Golden Key” by Alexey Tolstoy three years later in 1948.

Four plays by S.Mikhalkov were on the stage of our theater, Natalia Sats says. My beloved stage play “Two Captains,” interesting fantastic plays by I. Lukovskoy. I performed “Two Captains” by V.Kaverin, “Special Assignment,” and “I Want Home,” by S.Mikhalkov, “Death of the Dragon” by I. Lukovskoy, “Golden Key” by A.Tolstoy, and “TThe Two Gentlemen of Verona” by William Shakespeare (in Kazakh), and a number of other plays, “The Red Tie” by S.Mikhalkov, the director - I. Baron. Film directors V.Molchanov and A.Alekseyev also treaded the stage. Great success was stage play “Old Friends” by L.Malyugin performed by Alekseyev...

... Keeping in uninterrupted contact with Conservatory of Alma-Ata, I was able to note a unique voice and musical sense of Yermek Serkebayev, a third-year student. I invited him to perform the song in stage play “Two Captains” one time. I must admit I always found time to drop in front of noise when Yermek was singing this song, and I was simply enamored with his plummy voice, composed, respected attitude to every musical detail.  It’s pleasant to look back now when Yermek Serkebayev became People’s Artiste of USSR, laureate of many competitions... ...Composers Seraphim Tulikov and local musicians Yevgen Manayev, Vladimir Velikanov and others wrote beautiful music for our stage productions.

Today, Theater for Children and Young Adults of Kazakhstan is named after its main organizer and inspirer, Hero of Socialist Labor, People’s Artiste of USSR, laureate of State Prize, Natalia Ilinichna Sats. And I want our theater not only to bear this name, but the traditions established by this extraordinary woman in 1945 to be kept for many years.

Dear connoisseurs of art!

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Grand occasion dedicated to the International Children’s Day took place on June 1 in the Youth Theater named after N.Sats.


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