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Olga Korzheva: “I loved all the stage productions”


Our today’s interview - with the Distinguished Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the Republican prize “Enlikgul,” holder of the order “Kurmet,” Olga Vladimirovna Korzheva.


Olga Vladimirovna treads the stage in the Youth Theater named after N.Sats since 1990, next year she will celebrate 30 years of work in our theater.  She acted more than fifty parts, and all her parts are brilliant, they stick to the audience’s memory for long. Among them, Sophia (“Woe from Wit” by Alexandr Griboyedov), Lara (“Dr. Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak), Arkadin (“Seagull” by Anton Chekhov), William Gibson), Turandot (“Turandot” by Carlo Gozzi)...

I remember well her handmaiden Altun in “White Cloud of Genghis Khan,” Zubeid in stage play “Five wives of Hodja Nasreddin” by I.Sadykov. One of the star parts of Olga Vladimirovna - Gitel in stage play “Couple on the Swing” by William Gibson.

Today, a lot of theatrical performances with the participation of the actress take place on the stage of the theater: “Millionaire,” “Bravo, Laurencia,” “Scarlet Sails,” “Galumpkis Advertisement,” and many others.

I really like Olga in stage production “We need one victory” by Tatiana Kostyuchenko, where she acted as an actress who came to the battle-front and apallingly performed songs for soldiers.

Olga Vladimirovna will have a anniversary celebration on June 14, and I indulge to interview her.

- When did you appear before the footlights for the first time and what was the part, Olga?

- I knew from the fifth form that I would be an actress. I came to Palace of the Pioneers that was at Kalinin Street. I attended that place for a couple of years. And then a new Palace of the Pioneers was built, now Schoolchildren’s Palace, and I attended it. There was a well-grounded studio. Schoolmaster was Larisa Illarionovna Gileva. In the past - actress of Lermontov Theater. One of my first parts was aunt Polly in “Tom Sawyer,” then - Rita Osyanina in stage production “And Dawns Here Are Quiet,” “Snow Queen.” We performed bits of “Tartuffe” by Moliere - I walked Elmira, I acted Maria Antonovna and Anna Andreyevna in “The Inspector General.” Perfect theatricals were tailored there - in general, all was well and truly. Schoolchildren’s Palace was like an anthill. Everything was there! Observatory, different studios, a swimming pool... Thousands of children attended it. It was perfect.

- Did you change your beliefs about acting profession - what were they at the very beginning - and now?

- Well, probably, not, only maybe I expected that it would be more easy. I want to say that I had the best institute - I studied at Sverdlovsk State Theater Institute. I love our Institute up to now. Its tutors. I would like to tell you about them. Among them are Vladimir Ivanovich Marchenko, People’s Artist of Russia, a leading actor of Sverdlovsk drama, Pisarev, Bykov, Olga Dmitriyevna Kryzhanovskaya - voice-training tutor. The Institute was small, located in an old building, there were not man students - about 120, 16 persons graduated our course of training. But during intake, we had a great number of candidates. Girls had 100 persons for each place. We had a family atmosphere at the course of training. Tutors taught us not only a profession but life, I would say. They set the bar in devotion to the theater, their attitude to us, students. At the Institute we made ourselves at home. They tell us all the time repeating: two percents of talent are in the theater, and everything else is hard work.

- What do you like most about the profession of the actor?

- I like greeting. But it is a joke, of course. I like when I act perfectly, when I feel that my part, my sleepless months of practices come onto the audience. It is especially seen related to the audience on chamber stage, because they sit just a short distance away from you.

- Must actors be loved by the audience, in your opinion?

- Sure!

- Men and women?

- Actor, the tutors told us, should be loved by spectatresses, and actress should be loved by spectators. If a playgoer does not love, admire, adore, delight, it means that something is wrong.

- Even if the part is a negative one?

- Even if it is a negative one. You may say: “Oh, a plague! How lovely!”

- What were your relationships with the directors? Is there the perfect director for you?

- I’m very lucky that I was invited to the theater by Boris Preobrazhensky. In my opinion, he was the best director and tutor. He is the best even nowadays. He fell parts with the actor into place to the extent of a finger, head rotation. Not only externally, verbally, but also internally. In all his performances, the second meaning was for use as every phrase. And that’s all the audience saw. Nowadays, directors don’t know how to work this way. Some young actors are helpless as kittens, and they have little to be able to do without a right hand of a director.  I was very lucky that I immediately got into right hands of Preobrazhensky. It was a luck, 10-15 years of happy work.

- What is your motto?

- I do not have a motto. I wake up in the morning, the sun - how beautiful! It is raining - how beautiful! It will water flowers. It is snowing. What a nice snow!

- Do you have your favorite stage production?

- All of them are my favorite. Many people say so. But I really love all the theatrical performances.

- What do you think about Stanislavsky’s system?

- It’s great. I believe that it is the best that is possible in the theater. Now the words “traditional theater,” “classical theater” are abusive, but for me it is the highest that may be in the theater. All these performances, in my opinion, due to lack of skill, not taking the profession. To show bare derriere and say: I see in such a way - it’s not about me. You must live your part with your heart.

- So, do you prefer traditional theater?

- Sure! The form may be different, but it is nothing without inscape. And an actor must be a person for this. He must read, hear, see, look out, sense... If a person have read only two books, it can be seen on stage. And if a person refines itself every day, it can also be seen.  

- How do you aim for performance? Do you have any method?

- For different performances in different ways. But I come to the theater early - two hours earlier, although the rule is 40 minutes. I need a little back off from daily graft. I love silence before the performance. Laugh before the performance annoys me, some smoking shacks...

- Do children’s audience differ from an adult one?

- It is customary to say that children’s audience is more demanding, it is harder to act in front of children. I shall not say so. Children’s audience is just more sincere. Adults are more sensitive to common view - fashionable performance, fashionable director, they watch attentively, and then - bad applause, nobody even stands up. I have observed such a thing. And if a child does not like the performance, it will be in a whirl, riffle sweetie papers. If it likes, it will sit with acute fascination. It can not be hypocritical at the moment of being present at the theater.

- Did you have any unforeseen situations during the performance?

- Yes, of course, I had a million of such situations. From nonappearance of the actor to some kind of stress. In fact, an actor plays in any condition. Next year it will be my thirtieth season, and I have never had sick time. Not a single day! I remember, I suddenly twisted my leg before stage play “Hamlet.” I could not step on my foot at all. I acted Gertrude. Our actor, Herman Mikhaylovich Bogdanov, in loving memory, used to be enthusiastic in extrasensory perception. He said: “Olga, let me help you.” I said: “I do not believe in it!” So he stroked with his hand above my leg, I stood up and went. I do not know what it was up to now. And I acted Gertrude, however, in slippers. And there were a lot of occurrences.

- Theater or cinema?

- Of course, theater! I acted in the films, in the first TV series “Locust,” for example. Recently, I had a little episode. Tomiris in the film directed by Akan Satayev. I really like to work with Akan Satayev. He is a high-skilled director. He always has discipline on shooting stage. He told me at once: “Come over here, that’s such a role.” But it is impossible for an actor to learn something in cinematography. You come to cinematography with what you are able to do. In the theater - living emotions. There’s no the second double. Didn’t get a chance: sorry, I’ll try it again.

- What kind of performances, in your opinion, does the audience like more?

- I began to notice right now that audience likes performances with happy ending. It may be a comedy, drama... But the main thing is happy ending. Ending that hold out a hope.

- Do you have a part you would like to play?

- I always wanted to play the part of Marlene Dietrich. I have been having this idea for six years. I found a stage play. I searched all the information I could find related to this. I learned three of her songs by heart. In the result, I and Masha Kovalenko made the performance “Two Plays for Two Actresses.” One of my heroines is an actress, and I played the part of Marlene Dietrich. Now we have this performance in Artishok. I have friends in Artishok. We all come from the Youth Theater.

- How do you spend your leisure time?

- In various ways. Although, I have not much leisure time. I love to visit other theaters, watch performances. I can not imagine myself without sport. I hit the gym two or three times a week.

- And how important your work for you?

- It’s very important, but it is not the most important thing in my life. Although it is clear that the work is an important part of life.

- Do you have a personal recipe for happiness?

- I said before. I wake up in the morning, the sun shines - happiness! I live for a day. I want to live neither in the past, nor in the future. Your loved ones are alive and feel well, there’s nothing the matter, and thank heaven. Thank for today!

- Ask a question to yourself.

- What would I like to wish my “inner circle?” Everyone is well. When everyone is well in your inner circle, then you are well too.

- Your wishes to the theater.

- To continue to live. To make wonderful performances.


Interview by Lyudmila Manannikova.

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The most important thing is to hear and to understand each other ...


Our interview with the actress of the Youth Theater named after Natalia Sats - Alexandra Kachanova.


- The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.A.Nazarbayev, wrote in his Massage to the people of Kazakhstan “Growth  in Prosperity of Kazakhstani:  Rise of Income and Quality of Life” that the objective of Kazakhstan is to be one of the 30 most developed countries of the world. And your understanding?

- There is an idea “Global Citizen” - a citizen of the world. And the message of the First President of Kazakhstan is close to me because, in theory, I consider myself as a citizen of the world. The person that will accept the development of culture globally. To see which way our country develops, and, at the same time, to see which ways other countries develop. We are all equal - no matter what culture you have, what country you are from ... This idea became especially urgent after the development of the Internet, and in fact, all borders have disappeared. I lived in China for a year and did not feel the difference between Chinese youth and the youth of Kazakhstan. We are all equal now, all of us maturate the same way. We have the chance to be one of the most developed countries, because we have become united. Our President has given us all the opportunities...

Where are you from, Alexandra?

- I am from Karaganda. But my grandfather is an Almaty citizen, and I had a rest in Almaty every summer. Now I study at Master’s Degree course, I try to combine my study and my work.

- What is necessary, in your opinion, to talk about from the stage with the younger generation?

- It is necessary to talk about the most important matters of existence. About insights into the world, about realization - who I am in this world, why I’m here. These questions are always inside of us, we never answer them exhaustively, but it is necessary to make the children think: why are they here? Then they will realize the sense in doing good deeds. They must understand that a person with its capability cannot be able to do as much as all of us together. Indeed, it all starts with footnote. If you throw the litter into the litter-box and not on the asphalt, it will be cleaner around. Now we have a lot of processing points, where you can bring bottles, for instance. We must be clear with each other and put things right inside of us. The most important thing is to hear and to understand each other.

- At present, the director, Vladimir Viktorovich Krylov, makes preparations for stage production “Eight Warm Women.” Do you act in it?

- I act. Catherine. She is a sixteen-year-old girl who got little kindness. My character is complex, Catherine is not as positive as my heroine Marcella from the stage play “Rag Doll,” however, she is rude only externally. She wants to help her father, and she is in pain due to things that happen to him.  “Investigation” is carried out at home, and as a result we found out the sins of each character. As far as I know, Vladimir Viktorovich will make several different endings. Let each spectator take a decision, make conclusions for itself.  We work in the theater for this. We do not say directly: do so or so. We pave the way for insights.

- In my opinion, the world has changed today. I was a member of the Komsomol, Pioneer, our motto was: “Think about your Motherland, and then about yourself.”  At present, every man for himself. It is necessary to make more money, buy a cool car, to go to Maldives in summer... That is important. Then you come into your own.

- I wouldn’t say so. I think that shoppy people who think only of their own welfare have always been, but they must not show this in the time of Komsomol. Nowadays, all are free and each person shows what it is. There are always persons that are interested only in material stuff, and persons that think about how to assist spiritual development of the world... I worked in acrobatics theater, and there are also people with their creativity willing to bring some kind of a thought. As a matter of fact, all of us were lucky. We are surrounded by people of art. No one comes to the art for no reason in particular. Everyone wants to say something. We always remain those people who want to change something.

- Nowadays, young people are obsessed with smart phones, computer technologies...

- You know, there are photos of the last century, where people sit together and have their noses in newspapers. At all times, people sometimes escape each other. Smart phones is just stressed it out. Computer technologies have their challenges and opportunities. For example, we can communicate at any time with our relatives, friends who live far away, and with those we have not seen for a long time. Yes, there are also disadvantages. Children have less walk. It all depends on upbringing. It lies in our power to change everything. Sometimes you just want to give your child smart phone to keep silent, but you just have to pay attention to him. And it’s great that children come to our theater up to now. I hope it never ends.

- What does, in your opinion, a theater bring to a child?

- Real people are in the theater. Living energy. Children sit in the theater and feel us. In this regard, theater is better than cinematography.

- N.A. Nazarbayev tells about development of mass sports in his message. Do you do any sport?

- I do yoga and I love circus aerobatics. I do not like just physical training, I like when I can express my emotions. So, I like choreography and aerial silk more. But sometimes I just run. Nowadays, many people do it. Nowadays, it has really emerged full blown. People began to pay more attention to their bodies, so later they will not abstract themselves from perception of their souls, spiritual aspect of the world.

- “Seven flats of the Great Steppe.” It’s very important for me, because I have always loved steppe, traveled a lot across the steppe on business working in a newspaper.

- I also love steppe, mountains. Karkaralinsk mountains are in Karaganda region, for example. Charyn canyon is in Almaty... When you have more time, you can go to “singing barchans.” We have diverse nature in Kazakhstan, so you can familiarize yourself with all kinds of natural beauty without leaving Kazakhstan, and it’s amazing. Nature distracts you from vanity, makes you think about the main thing.

- Sasha, you play the part of war veteran granddaughter in a military performance “We Need One Victory,” - this part is played by the Distinguished Artist of Kazakhstan, Tatiana Tarskaya - and her - the young. - What were your emotions during the performance?

- Military performances are always hard to play. You empathize everything, it is very difficult.

- Do you have veterans among your family members?

- Yes, my great-grandfather served at the front, my great-grandmother - toiler of rear area. My grandmother told me how they accompanied the echelon with food, it was bombed and they could save all of the food products, bring them to destination. They were met by Stalin, and he shook their hands in gratitude for the fact that they brought food products. Of course, it was a great honor to meet Stalin for the person of Soviet period. My great-grandmother, who lived up to 99, remembered it for all her life, and she always told us about it. When I was in Georgia, in Stalin’s museum, I empathized the whole story. And when I read Stalin’s letters to his daughter, I thought how differently we imagined historical people. We are told about violent ruler, and then you read such an affectionate message for his daughter.

- Are you glad to have participated in the military performance?

- Of course. Yes. It was difficult, because I empathized everything. But this is a kind of cleanup, catharsis. And, at the end of the performance, I felt that I paid tribute to our veterans.

- Unfortunately, people in the USA, in the West try to forget that USSR defeated fascists. Our youth do not always know who were Oleg Koshevoy, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Volodya Dubinin, Valya Kotik...

- Of course, it is impossible to forget about the Victory. If we keep silent about Victory, it would be like it was not. But the war was, and Victory was. Everybody who hears war songs starts to cry. Even small children cry when the Immortal Regiment marches on May 9. This pain is inside of us at genetic level. Future generations must remember the War.

- Thank you for the interview, Alexandra.

- Thank you.


Interview by Lyudmila Manannikova.

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Only mountains may be better than mountains...


As it is known, this year is the Year of Youth. Today, in our interview series “Chats about main things” we shall have a talk with a young actor of our theater, Artem Seleznev. We know Artem’s parts in the Youth Theater’s stage productions “Treasure Island,” “Golden Key,” “Boldly Buzzing Fly,” “We Need One Victory,” and others.

- The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.A.Nazarbayev, sets the objective of Kazakhstan - to be one of the 30 most developed countries of the world - in his Massage to the people of Kazakhstan “Growth  in Prosperity of Kazakhstani: Rise of Income and Quality of Life.” How do you imagine it?

- In my opinion, a well-developed country is a state that can be fully self-sufficient, depend on itself, have foreign policy at the appropriate level. I believe that Kazakhstan may be one of the 30 most developed countries of the world.  It is one of the few countries that have entire Mendeleev’s table in situ. We also have vast farmland. It is necessary to develop all this. But culture is also a development. A developed country is a country with culturally enlightened people.

- Artem, are you the citizen of Kazakhstan?

- Yes, sure. I am from Almaty region. From Ili District, Otegen-Batyr settlement.

- People of different nationalities live in our country, and Kazakhs like brothers for us, Russian people living in Kazakhstan. Famous writer, Gerold Belger, told about this. Although, once I’ve heard on Russian television that Russian cannot always find a common language with the Kazakh.

- Once we were one large country, we had a lot in common. However, the Russians have misperception: if I came from Kazakhstan, then I’m apriori Kazakh. But I am not a Kazakh, I am a citizen of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan is a multinational country, and Russians must know about it. A lot of autonomies are in Russia. In general, I think this point of view is erroneous.

- What should theater talk with the younger generation about, in your opinion? What should it teach?

- Of course, it is necessary to talk about spirituality, for example.  Even watching children’s performances: “Golden Key,” “Fly Boldly Buzzing,” “Treasure Island,” we teach children important things through songs, dances, even some jokes. Friendship, kind-heartedness, not some high spiritual values, but those ones that are clear for children now.

- In my opinion, the world has changed today. Every man for himself. Once I saw a television program: a young man died because of plastic surgeries, he tried to be like a famous fashion designer. It was his mission in life. Previously, there was much talk about the love for the Motherland, friendship, loyalty to friends, patriotism, nowadays - it is necessary to make more money, to go to Turkey, to buy a luxury apartment, and several apartments are preferable, cool car ... - these are the most important things.

- Yes, we have people who reach out for these false values, but these all things are up to a certain time. Yes, initially human strives to make more money, but as soon as he comes into contact with a serious thing, when he is clamped down, as the saying runs, he immediately remembers that there are friends, help, kind-heartedness. I think, pursuit of money, cars, trips to Maldives is still not the main mission in life for most of people.

- We live in the century of computerization. All young people stare at their smart phones in the buses. Do you think the theater can compete with computers?

- Yes, nowadays children know more than I at my age of 24 in terms of use of technologies. But, in my opinion, the theater is a drop of water, draught of life. A child abstract itself from all gadgets, strain eyes, computer games in the theater. In my opinion, they are not the right ones - sometimes such a horror is shown there that I’m even scared. That all have strong influence on the state of children’s mind.

- Recently we celebrated Victory Day, the next is June 22 - the date of outbreak of the War. Unfortunately, people in the West try to reduce the role of Soviet soldiers in the Victory, although it is clear that we defeated fascists. The audience remembered you in stage production “We Need One Victory...”

- You emphasize war theme... Of course, each of us has own history of warfare at home.  Even if the person did not serve at the front, if he was a child during the war, it is also not helping. People were half-starved, worked for the front ... Of course, our generation knows it only from the stories of relatives. We hope that everything will remain only as stories...

- Artem, and what the most difficult thing in the performance for you personally?

- Recover breath after dancing and singing - it’s a joke. The whole scene, of course, is difficult for us. I know about the war only from the stories of relatives, as well as everybody sitting in the hall. From the films. Spirit of patriotism is more expressed in Soviet films - to win the war, to fight for Motherland - USSR - despite everything.   Modern films, alas, more violent, blood, abuse ... For me personally, it was difficult to get my messed head together...

- Nazarbayev tells about the necessity of mass sports in his message. I attend a lot of different sections in my childhood. And I played tennis - lawn and table, and I did gymnastics - everything was free of charge, although I did not become a sportsman. What do you think?

- I played football professionally for eight years, I think, it is necessary to open children’s play areas. To make them available. Unfortunately, nowadays we have many kinds of sports that children’s parents could not afford. Tennis is a nice kind of sport, but very expensive. Expensive apparel. There are only few elite coaches. Children’s play areas are necessary. Let it not be tennis, let it be boxing, football, wrestling, curling. Sport is life.

- This year is the Youth Year. What are the problems of young people, in your opinion? What should be changed?

- In my opinion, youth is very sequacious. It is a pushover for fashion, some strange values that are taken from nowhere, we have already discussed them. But maybe these problems are with psychics, aren’t they? Maybe, we should organize more interesting activities for the youth. In times past, there were always Spartakiads, Universiades, GTO, student construction organizations according to the stories of my parents and grandparents... If there is a lot of interesting things, a child, teenager, boys and girls will not have the time, and more likely, wish to fart around.

- I was pleased to read the article “Seven flats of the Great Steppe” by N.A.Nazarbayev. I love steppe as a person who was born in Kazakhstan.  Working in the newspaper, I traveled across our steppes... Everything written in the article is very important for me.

- I love Kazakhstan, Almaty very much, I love mountains. I think there is nothing better than Almaty mountains. I believe, if a person came to our city and did not go to the mountains, he was not in our city. Yes, we have a lot of beautiful buildings, parks, alleys, but it is necessary to visit our mountains. This is our item of interest. I can not perceive other cities, if there are no mountains there. I love to climb mountains... “Only mountains where you have not been may be better than mountains,” Vladimir Vysotsky sang. And of course, we must do everything to preserve our nature, our mountains, rivers, steppes... to renew our history, as discussed by the first President.

- Thank you for the interview, Artem!  I wish you further great creative success and new and remarkable parts.

- Thank you.


Interview by L.Manannikova.