Cultural and Art Professional Day greetings of the cast of State Academic Russian Theater for Children and Young Adults of Kazakhstan named after Natalia Sats.

Dear colleagues, dear friends!



We congratulate you with all our heart on your professional holiday - Cultural and Art Professional Day!


Professionals of Culture and Art serve for noble and important urgent matter of spiritual and cultural enlightenment for many years. We have been able to turn several generations of Kazakhstan citizens onto cultural values, to train many highly skilled culture professionals over the years of fruitful work. There are many distinguished personalities among us whose contribution to the development of culture and art was highly appreciated at the state level, and we go up and up with each passing year.

It is of paramount importance that Culture and Art professionals continue to make progress in spite of all the difficulties, perform fruitful awareness-raising work hourly, make a worthy contribution to the retention of the richest cultural heritage of our country. High recognition of our colleagues and endless flow of visitors to the theaters, museums and concert halls - well-deserved honor for our professional activities. Let us always strive to use the most advanced and innovative technology in our activities, extensively involving the younger generation into participation in cultural life of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to expand the potential audience to the best of ability, knowledge for the benefit of the development of modern Kazakhstan society as a token of the promising future for our children!


We sincerely thank you for your professionalism and dedication to Culture and Art!

In this special day, we wish all our colleagues sunny spring mood, unfluctuating health and further creative and life success!