Artists of the Theater for Children and Young
Adults of Kazakhstan named after N.Sats have
strong feelings of the tragedy happened in Arys
Dear compatriots, our thoughts and hearts are
close to each of you, we pray for each of you,
condole the family of the deceased resident of
the city, we sincerely wish convalescence for
all injured persons and their return to Native

Theater staff shares with you this sudden
misfortune, we transfer one-day earnings to the
aid fund, let this contribution strengthen you,
energize and bring hope to everyone who helps
and deals with the tragedy at present.

My dear friends, audience - residents of Almaty!


For more than fifty years, I try to meet you as often as possible and bring you joy due to wonderful performances in my dearly beloved theater! This time, I want to share with you my attitude to one of my images, maybe the most favorite!


The theatrical performance “Harold and Maude” by E.E.Schmitt (Director - Distinguished Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dmitriy Skirta) is on the Chamber stage of our theater for ten years.


The story seems to be simple, there is partly so much grotesque in it, but so much strength in it that it seems you may explode an impressive skyline of “haughtiness, class prejudices and ordinary human laziness...”

Instead of little bit of love and attention that young Harold intensely eagers, he just “sputters out” in the snobbery of his bored mummy!

At the beginning, this stage play just filled up with Harold’s overdue interest of death. Well, Maud becomes acquainted with the audience, sorry about rudeness, standing six feet under on one foot... But death is not frightful for her - she is a girl in her heart but in the body of an old woman...

This stage play is about Great love! Maud is Pippi Longstocking in retirement. But she stands on her head in the same way, whistling, sitting in a high tree, and keeping a collection of cute rubbish at home!!!!

And I truly believe that everyone should live “here and now!,” in this moment! No need to fuss and hurry! Be in every second of your life, behold it and enjoy it!


Move away from everyday routine and see the sun rise, appearing of a grass-blade, breaking of a lovely flower bud! Creation explodes, and the air is filled up with sun and dew!!!!

Give attention to everything, and you will never pass by a person, the meeting with which will change your whole life! At his side you will forget about misfortunes, he will prevent you from misappropriation of precious children’s simplicity and purity, curiosity and wish to perceive the outside world that changes often nowadays!


This is a stage play about Love! Maude - she is the center of life on Earth: she just lives, loves and “infects” everyone with this amazing life process!

Her love is like a “light strip” on Harold’s black-and-white road! So, Harold has an opportunity and time to make a turn of his “catafalque” to the white strip! The main thing is not to lose all grains that were sown in his heart by almighty fine Maud!

We will be glad to meet you in our theater on June 23 on Chamber stage where this performance will take place at 18.00. We have a little surprise for the audience!

State Academic Theater for Children and Young Adults of Kazakhstan is always happy to meet you within its walls!


Tarskaya Tatiyana Nikolayevna

Distinguished Artist of Kazakhstan

Holder of the Order of the Badge of Honor

Holder of award “Sakhnager-2018”

General meeting of the staff of State Academic Theater for Children and Young Adults named after N. Sats was held on June 7, 2019.



The focal point was upcoming special election of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 9.


Speakers noted its importance and historical significance to all the people, and invoked to take an active part and vote in the name of prosperity of Kazakhstan.



Also, the leadership of the theater noted the work of the artists and the personnel that took part in the charity event “Theater for Children of Kazakhstan” on June 1, 2019. Letters of appreciation were given to the artists acting on the cusp of International Children’s Day in the Center of Pediatric Oncology of Kazakh Research and Development Establishment of Oncology and Radiology.



Cultural and Art Professional Day greetings of the cast of State Academic Russian Theater for Children and Young Adults of Kazakhstan named after Natalia Sats.

Dear colleagues, dear friends!



We congratulate you with all our heart on your professional holiday - Cultural and Art Professional Day!


Professionals of Culture and Art serve for noble and important urgent matter of spiritual and cultural enlightenment for many years. We have been able to turn several generations of Kazakhstan citizens onto cultural values, to train many highly skilled culture professionals over the years of fruitful work. There are many distinguished personalities among us whose contribution to the development of culture and art was highly appreciated at the state level, and we go up and up with each passing year.

It is of paramount importance that Culture and Art professionals continue to make progress in spite of all the difficulties, perform fruitful awareness-raising work hourly, make a worthy contribution to the retention of the richest cultural heritage of our country. High recognition of our colleagues and endless flow of visitors to the theaters, museums and concert halls - well-deserved honor for our professional activities. Let us always strive to use the most advanced and innovative technology in our activities, extensively involving the younger generation into participation in cultural life of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to expand the potential audience to the best of ability, knowledge for the benefit of the development of modern Kazakhstan society as a token of the promising future for our children!


We sincerely thank you for your professionalism and dedication to Culture and Art!

In this special day, we wish all our colleagues sunny spring mood, unfluctuating health and further creative and life success!



Welcome Day dedicated to the International Family Day was at the theater on May 15, during which stage production “Scarlet Sails” was performed. Performance had been watched by students of International Academy of Business, students of Auezov District, and by disadvantaged children.

Sunrises of the Youth Theater


Dramaturg of the Youth Theater named after Natalia Sats, Lyudmila Borissovna Manannikova, celebrated her anniversary.


But theater is not only a place of her work, it was her first and the only love which she has retained all the years. Youth Theater “looked” into the windows of her apartment when she was still a little girl and lived in the house in front of the theater entrance. As she remembered, “In the evening, sitting by the window, I could see people hurrying to Youth Theater, and then, at night, I could dream, think what was on stage.”

So, the theater became a part of her everyday life since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. In school time, she simply spent all her time in the Youth Theater, watching the same performances a number of times, she knew artists’ lines by heart.

Although later, as an adult, she has chosen the profession that would seem to be way off the theater - mathematics, she graduated from Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Kazakh State University. Moreover, she was a PhD student of higher geometry academic department, and even began to write a dissertation on non-Euclidean spaces...

But apparently, someone up there, in heaven, makes adjustments to our fates from time to time. Hence, a sudden twist in the life of

Lyudmila Borissovna occurred, and she changed the professional occupation from mathematics to journalism, she was also enthusiastically engaged in it as in non-Euclidean spaces. Manannikova is of the cohort of those journalists for whom the words “to walk for three days, not to sleep for three days for the sake of several lines in the newspaper” were not just the lines from a popular song, but day-to-day work. Thus, hundreds of essays were written about Komsomol members rural workers, war veterans of Kazakhstan...

But providence interfered in her journalistic practices having brought, many years hence, to the door of the theater so beloved by her, as a reward for the loyalty to childhood dream - Lyudmila Borissovna became Dramaturg of Almaty Youth Theater. Her three books became a kind of declaration of love of the theater: “I come from Youth Theater,” “Hello, Youth Theater!,” and “The Play Has Been Read. Wait for the Premiere.” She wrote them not at the direction from above, but answering the call of her heart wishing to share her love with everyone who will take these books in hands.

And here’s another thing about Lyudmila Borissovna that impresses me - a little reserved and not very cheerful person by nature, she is able to look at the world from the eyes of a child. Perhaps, that is why she writes children’s fairy tales with such a pleasure. She has book series: “Purple Valley,” “Tales of the Old Tram,” “Travel to Fantasy Land,” “Mystery of the Old Portrait” (for adults), “New Year’s Fairy Tales Fabled by Children”...

There is no saying, maybe her first profession of mathematician gave her a nudge, because, as it is known, many famous fairy tale writers were excellent mathematicians. For example, Lewis Carroll, author of “Alice in Wonderland” or our fellow countryman, Alexander Volkov, who wrote “The Wizard of Oz.”

Recalibrating harmony with algebra, Lyudmila Borissovna was convinced after the manner of Pushkin that “inspiration is necessary in poetry, as in geometry.” Hence, non-Euclidean spaces, in her opinion, have something fabulous. She even wrote a poem that was entitled “Nostalgia for Mathematics,” it ends as follows: “Look. Mebius’s ring is trundling on the road...” Why is it not a plot for fairy tale?




And her first book in fairy tale series was “Tales of the Old Tram.” The whole story that she told me once goes with it.


“We have usual budgies in our house, my mother and I taught them to talk. They were good at talking. Roma was a very clever budgie, it was seemed to say everything. I can quote it endlessly. One day, he flew to the feeder and cried foul: “Well, nothing! Get up, large country!!! It was clear, my mother, war veteran, taught it to sing this song... So, Roma was one of the heroes of my book, and tram is my favorite mean of transport. Unfortunately, there are no trams in Almaty nowadays, and I have a plot for a new fairy tale about... vanished tram. In general, fairy tale is a part of my childhood. I still remember my childhood takeaways from “The Snow Queen” that was long ago on stage of the Youth Theater named after Natalia Sats. Then there were “Cinderella,” “Finist - Bright Falcon,” “What Did Wizards Tell About,” “Little Red Riding Hood”...



Lyudmila Manannikova’s favorite fairy tale writers - Andersen and the brothers Grimm.

“I also like Gianni Rodari, she says. This Italian writer was very popular in the years of my childhood. Young Pioneer leader of 25th school, where I studied in primary school, we then called her “Comrade Olya,” performed “The Adventures of Cipollino.” I got the role of Cherry, I walked and repeated: “I’m a very well-bred boy...” And I assisted with pleasure the director, Sultan Usmanov, in playscript writing when stage production “Travel of the Blue Arrow” based on the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari was performed several years ago in our Youth Theater for New Year’s festivities.”



By the way, fairy tales by Lyudmila Manannikova were appreciated by readers, she became a laureate of the first national award “Childhood Friend.”

And Lyudmila Borissovna is faithful to war theme. Her parents were battle-front veterans, therefore, everything that is connected with the theme of the Great Patriotic War is holy for her. To make youth remember the feats of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, Lyudmila Borissovna together with veteran, Leonid Girshe, published the book “Through the Flames of War” for the 60th anniversary of Victory, and I together with him and Svetlana Galiyeva published three-volume edition “The Flame of Victory” about Kazakh veterans of those battles for the 65th anniversary.

In our century of advanced virtual spaces and acquaintances, Lyudmila Borissovna not only writes books, articles, stage plays, composes poems, but non-demanded love of mathematics for life made her actively involved in global information network. She has become the creator and the master of not only the site of Youth Theater, but the sites of Literary House “Alma-Ata” and “Victory.”



I want to note another unusual character feature of Lyudmila Manannikova - she is an early riser according to her biological clock: she goes to bed early, and sometimes she gets up so early that it allows her to see the sunrise almost every day, to see the birth of a new day.

So, let these sunrises always be good for her, bringing only good news.


Happy anniversary celebration, Lyudmila Borissovna !


YYelena  Brussilovskaya

We made exhibition stand “The Immortal Regiment of the Theater” in the foyer of Youth Theater on the day before Victory Day.

Staff and personnel of the theater brought photos of their parents and grandparents - participants of the Great Patriotic War.

For years, group of stage actors of our theater participate in the Immortal Regiment that takes place in our city on May 9.

It is clear, I would like to find out about relatives at the portraits that are carried by my comrades in the Immortal Regiment and who are at our stand.

- Ivan Yemelianovich Korzhev - the Distinguished Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Olga Korzheva, said - my grandfather, born in 1949. He saw Finnish war, then went to the Great Patriotic War.

He was called in Novosibirsk region. Unfortunately, my father, Vladimir Ivanovich Korzhev, born in 1941, had never seen his father - Ivan Korzhev was missed in the war...


In connection with the death of grandfather, our family holds the legend. Moreover, in the Finnish war Tzigane casted a spell over a spoon, gifted it to grandfather and said: “This spoon is your protection.” Eat only with it and you will be alive.

In one of the two letters that were sent by grandfather from the war he told that he had lost the spoon, and soon he was missed.

Grandmother did not lose hope for a long time, she believed that her husband would be found, he would return home, but, alas, such a miracle had not happened to our family.

My granduncle, Anatoliy Sadofyevich Maslakov, maternal brother of grandmother, had a better fortune. He was called in Alma-Ata (he was 19), he joined the battle near Vienna, ended the war in Prague, had several injuries. Medal for Bravery.


Actress, Mariya Kovalenko, carried a photo of her grandfather, Gavril Nikitovich, in the Immortal Regiment.

Kovalenko Gavril Nikitovich, as mentioned in the Internet, 55th Guards’ Rifle Regiment, 20th division of Guards, 1st Guards Army of the Southwestern Front, was awarded the medal “For Bravery” on September 30, 1943.


- I did not know my grandfather from Adam, Masha said. - He died when I was two years old, but my mother often told me about him. When I was 16, I took his surname.


My grandfather was born in 1896 in the burgomaster’s family. He got through long life. He ran away from home at the age of seventeen, he saw Civil War. In the words of mother, grandfather never boasted of his orders and medals. The war was a dropped subject for him. “Live and enjoy your life, he said. War is a very terrible thing, but we defended our Motherland.”

I can not tell you about my parents - Boris Nikolayevich Manannikov and Raissa  Nikolayevna Kotova. Both went off to war as volunteer fighters. I gave a detailed information about them in three-volume edition “Flame of Victory” which we published together with the war veteran, Leonid Girsh, the columnist of the newspaper “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda,” Yelena  Brussilovskaya, and chairman of the Youth Media Union of Kazakhstan, Svetlana Galiyeva.  This is my third book about the war. I and Leonid Yuzefovich published a book “Through the Flames of War” for the 60th anniversary, and together with Svetlana Galiyeva - the book “Wait for Me and I’ll Be  Back” for the 65th anniversary.

...My dad rarely told about the war. I have just recently found out only on the website “E-bank of Documents “Feat of People in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)” that he received his Order “Red Star.”  It says the following:



“During attack battles for Latvian SSR recapture, comrade Manannikov, obeying orders of command for engineering of attackers of the 65th Guards’ Rifle Regiment under the conditions of intensive artillery and mortar fire, and small-arms fire of the hostile, being in charge of subdivision 8.8.44, reinforced bridge across the river Lyzde, therewith he ensured caution crossing of infantry forces and artillery arm.


That’s the news from the past. I pulled my father’s Order “Red Star” out of the closet and cried...

I have found documents dedicated to my mother, Kotova Raissa  Nikolayevna, on the same website. They were written by her handwriting that surprised me to the upside. Though, that makes sense. My mother was a writer in her maiden signal company that guarded the skies during the famous Yalta Conference.

...A few years ago, when the procession was over, our actors could not stand the temptation and organized a small flash mob in Panfilov Park - they sang “Katyusha” beloved of all during the war under a rainfall, under cover on the bench... The audience took run under umbrellas around the houses but I strongly hope that we cheered up everybody.



And then I went to visit Yevgeniya Ivanovna Vassilkova, the first actress of Youth Theater that was found by her together with Natalia Sats back in 1944. We have been friends with Yevgeniya Ivanovna for more than ten years, since the writing of my book “I Come From Youth Theater.” Unfortunately, Yevgeniya Ivanovna could not take part in the event “Immortal Regiment” due to the age, although during the war, being still a schoolgirl, she worked and was awarded a medal... Later Ye.I.Vassilkova began to work in the library of Academy of Sciences where she worked for life. She has a remarkable archive of Youth Theater since the foundation of theater, a lovely memory has been retained, we hark back with her from time to time and make amazing revelations. For example, father of famous Gulia Koroleva worked in our Youth Theater, the composer that composed a piece of music for the first Youth Theater’s performance “The Legend of Till” was Serafim Tulikov, and the song “Migratory Birds Are Flying” in the performance “I Want Home” by Natalia Sats was sung by starlet Yermek Serkebayev...



I was on friendly terms with the husband of Yevgeniya Ivanovna, Boris Solomonovich Abramovich, he was a war veteran. And he was also the first actor of our theater, later he took charge of Filmmaking Union Bureau of Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, Boris Solomonovich passed from this life several years ago, therefore I took a photo of Yevgeniya Ivanovna with his portrait. “In the spirit, I was on the road with your Immortal Regiment,” Yevgeniya Ivanovna said.

Well, I must say that when we drank tea with her in the kitchen, I got a call from New York, from once-famous tutor of Almaty, enthusiastic theater-goer and the child of war, Vladimir Grigorevich Ronkin:  He congratulated the staff and the personnel of Youth Theater on Victory Day. “In the spirit, I am with you and with your Immortal Regiment,” he said. One our person is exactly in New York!

In general, Happy Holiday, dear friends, Happy Victory Day!


Meeting with French producer, Eduard Flaman


Eduard Flaman was in our theater during a rehearsal of stage play “We Need One Victory.” Our guest has arrived from France.  He showed master classes in art management in Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K.Zhurgenov.

Eduard Laman is a known person in theater world. He is engaged in producing, searching for new actors, he travels to different countries, he is the author of interesting international projects.


For example, stage production “Romeo and Juliet” was performed in 2017 during “Expo” at his suggestion on the stage of the theater “Astana-musical.” French musical written by William Shakespeare was taken for its basis, music and lyrics of which were written by Gerard Presgyurvik.

Many questions were asked.

Meeting with Eduard Laman was interesting for us because a group of our artists was in France not long ago with stage production “Small Tower,” all the actors learned French prior to the trip.  Chief administrator of the theater, Yelena Anatoliyevna Sinkova, told about it. French people watched our performances with great interest, they admired the lines in French. There were performances on the open stages, the French audience kept company with our actors with pleasure.

And in the end of the meeting with the French producer in our Youth Theater, the actors performed a song for the guest

“Esmeralda” (Notre-Dame de Paris).




Wait, do not leave me crazy dream,

Beauty turns the man into slave,

And after the death I’ll not find peace,

I’ll dance with the devil for a night with you.

For a night with you...


The cast of State Academic Russian Theater for Children and Young Adults named after N. Sats celebrated the well-deserved rest of Deputy Director of the theater, Galina Antonovna Ivanova.

Our appreciation and gratitude to you, Galina Antonovna!


It is impossible to imagine the cultural life of our city, of our Republic of Kazakhstan without Galina Antonovna. This is evidenced by her career. She devoted many years of her life to the Republican German Drama Theater, she worked in our theater for more than fifteen years. Her experience in theatrical art assisted the theater to take the rightful place in the cultural treasury of our country.



Galina Antonovna is distinguished by hard-working nature, lofty sense of responsibility, modesty, decency and kind-heartedness towards other people. It is always attracts a solid respect of colleagues and surrounding persons. She has always worked with enthusiasm, with total dedication. Skill and tenacity helped her to meet with the recognition and respect of friends and colleagues. She has been the cornerstone of our theater for a long time.

We express our appreciation and gratitude for you, Galina Antonovna, from the bottom of our hearts we wish you optimism, life energy, well-being, sound health and happiness for many years to come!